Hardwood Floor Cleaning


thumb_IMG_0838_1024Hardwood flooring is one of your highest investments in your home. So why not protect that investment?

Did you know common cleaning material you are using can be damaging your hardwood floors? This is why you should have your floors professionally cleaned and conditioned routinely.

How often should you have your floors cleaned? This depends largely on the amount of household traffic in your home. At a minimum, you should have your hardwood floors cleaned and maintained once a year.

Even though you have tried and tried to keep your hardwood floors clean, free of scuff marks, and shining like new; there still seems to be a few dirty spots and an occasional scuff mark. There are a lot of reasons that your wood floors become dirty and won't quite shine like new. For the entry ways, the most abused floors in your home, it's the dirt, sand, and moisture accumulation that wears on the floor. In other areas of your home, normal traffic starts to show the signs of dulling. That's why it's recommended that your hardwood floors be professionally cleaned and conditioned periodically.

At Almost New Floor Cleaning, we use a unique product formulated to clean, protect, and condition all types of laminate and hardwood flooring. Not only will this extend the life of your floors, but it will also help with the overall appearance of your wood floors. Call us today (828) 461-0592.

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