Tile and Grout Cleaning



Tired of getting on your hands and knees to clean the tile and grout in your home? Did you know, that manufacturers of tile and grout recommend that it should be cleaned and sealed every 2-3 years?

We can clean anything from your tile entryway to the grout and tile in your bathroom shower or even in your kitchen. Grout is the easiest thing to see how dirty it is, not to mention the hardest to clean properly. No matter where it is or what it is,  we can clean it.

First, we apply a cleaning solution that will begin to deeply penetrate and break up the dirt and build up in your grout.  Second, we will meticulously scrub the grout line along with the hard to reach areas. Finally, once the tile and grout are back to almost new, we will seal the areas to prevent futures spills or dirt from messing up your beautiful tile.

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